Voting begins in Egypt's first free presidential poll

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Voting begins in Egypt's first free presidential poll

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The polls have opened in Egypt, where people are voting for the first time in an open presidential election.

This is the first contest since the fall of the country’s deposed leader Hosni Mubarak. While there were elections during his 30 year rule, these were considered as merely paying lip service to democracy in which very few people took part and the result was a foregone conclusion.

Turnout here is expected to be very high however, as voters hope their country can at last see some peace, and security.

One man said: “I hope it is a good outcome but yet you still feel anxiety, that it might turn wrong or it might turn right, but hopefully democracy will win at the end.”

Another added:“Everyone is happy and going out to vote. Everyone that is eligible to vote is going to polls today.”

With none of the 12 candidates expected to win an outright majority in the first round, a run-off between the top two candidates is expected in June, and the military council is set to officially handover power by July 1.