'Dozens killed' as suicide bomb targets Yemen army

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'Dozens killed' as suicide bomb targets Yemen army

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Dozens of people have been killed and many more injured in a suicide bomb attack targeting Yemen’s army.

The explosion caused panic among the soldiers who had been rehearsing for events marking the country’s National Unity Day on Tuesday.

Some reports say the blast in the capital Saana left almost 100 dead and as many as 300 wounded.

The country’s defence minister and chief of staff were there but were said to be unhurt.

The bomber was reportedly wearing military uniform. Soldiers had been practising for events tomorrow marking Yemen’s National Unity Day.

Backed by the US, Yemen’s new President Hadi has renewed the fight against al Qaeda. The Interior Ministry said it had information that the organisation was planning suicide missions.

Security has been stepped up as part of an anti-terrorism crackdown. The number of police and soldiers on Sanaa’s streets has doubled.

Earlier this month, the army launched an anti-terrorism offensive in the south. Several militants and soldiers were killed in clashes at the weekend. An American instructor was shot and wounded at a port on the Red Sea.