US film Lawless is presented at Cannes

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US film Lawless is presented at Cannes

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There is an unusually high number of American productions at Cannes this year including Lawless.

The prohibition-era drama is one of five US movies in the film festival’s main competition of 22 pictures.

Director John Hillcoat says he has still difficulty getting funding for the films he likes to make: “The state of things are pretty tough as everyone here knows, particularly in my world, which is the kind of medium budget (range).

“Also, there are films that have character and drama and those words that you cannot use in the United States at this time,” said Hillcoat.

But while many great dramas are picked up by TV networks like HBO instead of movie companies at the moment, the Australian director still managed to get the funding for Lawless – which has the backing of the Weinstein company.

The film stars Tom Hardy as one of three 1930s bootlegging brothers who run a successful moonshine business in Virginia. But things change when a special agent turns up from Chicago with plans to break the brothers’ cosy little set up.