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Protests over G8 leaders attitude to Africa

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Protests over G8 leaders attitude to Africa


There were protests in Maryland where the demonstrators anger was aimed at the G8 leaders who have invited four African heads of state to the summit at Camp David.

Up to 400 activists took to the streets in the town of Thurmont. They believe the G8 should do more to oust leaders from what they see as brutal and corrupt regimes like Ethopia whose representative was present at the talks.

“We are here to tell the G8 to stop the dictatorship and to stop war crimes being committed by the assistance of the US and European countries,” said
Kassa Ayalew of “March for Freedom”.

A huge police force secured the town’s central area. There was no violence during the protest which shifted the focus from the talks at the president’s retreat where Barack Obama was discussing what he is calling, “The New Alliance “ with the African leaders. It has been dubbed a plan to address food security though few other details have been released from the talks.

Our correspondent at the G8 Stefan Greobe says, “The presence of some of the African heads of state on the second day has, to the disbelief of the residents here created some of the typical G8 atmosphere in the town of Thurmont. But chances are that the protests are too distant to be heard by the global leaders.”

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