G8 united in approach to Iran says Obama

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G8 united in approach to Iran says Obama

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Talks have opened at the G8 summit at Camp David. High on the agenda is the crisis in the eurozone with analysts predicting German Chancellor, Angela Merkel will come under pressure to create measures to stimulate growth.

In the field of foreign affairs the leaders are united in their approach to Iran and share a common purpose in solving the conflict in Syria.

“We are unified when is comes to our approach with Iran. I think all of us agree that Iran has the right to peaceful nuclear power, but that it’s continuing violations of international rules and normes and it’s inability thus far to convince the world’s community that it is not pursuing the weaponisation of nuclear power is something of grave concern to all of us. We had a discussion about Syria and we all believe that a peaceful resolution and a political transition in Syria is preferable,” said President Barack Obama.

Our correspondent, Stefan Groebe at Camp David says, “Next to the euro debt crisis, Syria is the hottest topic at this summit. President Obama is actively trying to get consensus about ways to promote Syria’s Assad resignation by avoiding a confrontation with Russia. But he told Medvedev that in the end, the issue could eventually be addressed without Moscow.”