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'Reality' debuts minus male lead

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'Reality' debuts minus male lead


The delighted cast of ‘Reality’ assembled in Cannes for the premiere of their in-competition film.
But the star was not there.

The only Italian competitor for the Palme d’Or this year, “Reality” features a tipped-for-glory star turn from lead Aniello Arena. But he has returned to the humbler stage of his prison theatre group, where he was discovered but must serve out his term.

It was left to director Matteo Garrone, who won here in 2008 with ‘Gomorrah’, to describe his team’s version of ‘reality’.

“Maybe I wanted to make an even tougher movie, or more surprising, but I came across this little Naples story, a true story, in and of the city. We wanted to talk about how television is seen like a sort of El Dorado, an Olympus, a paradise here on Earth that can be reached,” said Garrone.

In a nutshell ‘Reality’ follows affable Lorenzo as he stumbles through a nightmare of Big Brother celebrity and paranoia after being talked into entering by his family.

The film itself follows Lorenzo as remorselessly as any house CTV, Garrone’s love of long pans also capturing the crumbling beauty of Naples along the way.

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