Protesters rally against Bahrain's royal family

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Protesters rally against Bahrain's royal family

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Tens of thousands of mainly Shi’ite protesters have staged a rally in Bahrain over a proposal for closer ties with other Gulf states.

The plan has the backing of Saudi Arabia as a way of containing dissent in Bahrain. There has been speculation that the Saudi’s main goal is a union with Bahrain.

“It is impossible to sell our country Bahrain that we love and die for so how can we sell it to Saudi Arabia or any other country. It’s not right and if anyone signs a contract to sell our country we reject it,” said one protester.

The King of Bahrain was out of the country for the protest, attending a royal lunch in England to celebrate the Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. Protesters accused the King of human rights abuses during the months of unrest in Bahrain. They said he should be on a wanted list rather than the Buckingham palace guest list.