Gloom grows in Greece as crisis deepens

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Gloom grows in Greece as crisis deepens

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Good news in Greece is in short supply. The country is in danger of running out of funds as it faces its second election in as many months.

Budget cutbacks have caused recession, youth unemployment to soar to over 50 percent and some desperate people to commit suicide.

“I have got no hope left,” said bookshop worker Stavros Papathanasopoulos, 27, speaking in Athens. “Regardless of what happens, I think things are just going to get worse.”

“Why have elections again? Are we to just keep paying for more elections?” asked Yannis, a 67-year-old pensioner in the capital. “Politicians are just one big anonymous company; they are only looking to fill their stomachs, drink and be merry. But what are we supposed to do? What are our kids supposed to do?”

Opinion polls suggest leftists who reject Greece’s austerity-linked bailout are poised to win next month’s repeat election. European leaders say that if Greece does fail to meet promises made to them, lenders will pull the plug on financing.