Olympic flame handed to London

The build-up to this summers Olympic games in London gained a little more heat on Thursday as the Olympic flame was officially handed over to a


Greece sacking to survive

Greece is far from the only country in the world where public sector workers make up a large part of the total workforce. But its fiscal management


Facebook overvalued?

As shares in the world’s biggest social network website start trading on the Nasdaq we ask if Facebook’s popularity is overshadowing doubts about its


Transparent driving

Driving a car safely means doing more than keeping an eye on the road. The driver also has to keep an eye on the dashboard. But looking away from the


We Will Rock You rolls on

The hit London musical “We Will Rock You”, has celebrated its tenth birthday. The show features 30 of Queen’s rock hits. The writer, Ben Elton, along


Olympic flame is Britain-bound

Away from all of the economic and political turmoil, Greece is preparing to hand over the Olympic flame to Britain – the host of this year’s


Italian PM receives threats

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti is thought to have been threatened by an anarchist group which recently shot and wounded a nuclear industry