Powerful plates: the delicious rise of Nordic cuisine

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Powerful plates: the delicious rise of Nordic cuisine

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Tracking down the world’s most wonderful food is not an easy task.

Paris, Tokyo or New York? Obvious answers.

But, for three years on the trot, Denmark’s ‘Noma’, in Copenhagen, has been crowned the world’s best eatery, by British food magazine, ‘Restaurant’.

It is not just Noma, restaurants like Geranium in the Danish capital are also behind a culinary vision, dubbed new Nordic Cuisine.

Rasmus Kofoed, the head chef at Geranium, said: “What you see, now, I think would be like ‘the limit’. Because Noma is voted the best restaurant in the world, I won the ‘Bocuse D’Or’ competition as the best chef in the world, and these two things together with all the other things, this make it very impressive.

“What I know and what I hope is that we have planted some seeds, so it’s not a few chefs but a movement and a lot of young talented chefs, with really a lot of energy and passion for cooking. They want to show the world that we have something special, here.”

At the heart of this new Danish culinary dominance, lie traditional ingredients which are seasonal and locally sourced. Add meticulous attention to detail and the result is pure perfection.

Icelandic skyr curd, Greenland musk ox and berries are just some of things often on the menu – a far cry from curly pastries and streaky bacon.

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