Deadly bombing targets former Colombia minister

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Deadly bombing targets former Colombia minister

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A former Colombian minister has survived a bomb attack that killed his driver and four other people in the country’s capital Bogota.

Fernando Londono, who was interior minister from 2002 to 2004, was pictured with blood covering his face as he walked away from the scene of the blast.

Local media says dozens more were injured in the attack, in the north of the city.

Authorities say they have not ruled out the involvement of the leftist FARC guerrilla group whose deadly campaign of terror has been weakened in recent years by a US-funded military crackdown.

FARC tends to avoid targeting the capital.

President Juan Manuel Santos promised to hunt down the attackers: “Be absolutely assured that the government will not be deterred by these terrorist acts. We will continue on this path. We will complete all necessary investigations to find those responsible. We will not be intimidated in any way by terrorism.”

Earlier in Bogota, police successfully defused a car bomb in an abandoned vehicle.

Officials say the car had as many as 130 sticks of explosives inside. Both incidents have ignited fears that a new terror campaign may be underway.