Spain's 'indignados' accuse Bankia of unfair repossessions

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Spain's 'indignados' accuse Bankia of unfair repossessions

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A small number of Spain’s “indignados” protesters demonstrated outside the Madrid headquarters of the country’s fourth largest bank, accusing it of unfairly throwing indebted homeowners onto the streets.

They are calling on people to take their money out of Bankia, which was nationalised last week.

The number of repossessions is reported to have risen as the economic crisis continues to bite.

Police intervened but the demonstrators were allowed into the bank one by one to close their accounts.

Earlier around a hundred people still camping out in central Madrid after the weekend’s large anti-austerity demonstrations were moved on by police.

Tens of thousands turned out for several days of protests to mark the first anniversary of the “indignados” movement, which sprung up amid outrage over high unemployment, social injustice and corruption.