Lebanon PM in bid to end Syria-linked violence

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Lebanon PM in bid to end Syria-linked violence

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Fighting linked to the Syria conflict has continued in the Lebanese city of Tripoli.

Monday saw more fierce clashes as tension spilled over between the Sunni Muslim community, whose members have led the Syrian uprising, and Alawite supporters of President al-Assad.

Medical sources say two men were killed and at least 20 wounded.

Tripoli, which lies 70 kilometres from Beirut, saw similar clashes earlier this year. The latest outbreak followed protests by Islamists after a man was arrested by the Lebanese authorities.

The Islamists argued that he had been helping Syrian refugees. The authorities said he had been in contact with a “terrorist organisation”.

Following the weekend’s violence, the Lebanese prime minister – a Sunni Muslim from Tripoli – met religious leaders, with more talks due to be held on Monday.