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Greece: Radical Left rejects new coalition talks

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Greece: Radical Left rejects new coalition talks


Greece’s radical leftist leader wont be attending fresh coalition talks today with the other main parties.

On Sunday Alexis Tsipras blocked all attempts to form a Greek unity government, saying his Syriza group will not support austerity measures linked to a 130 billion euro EU/IMF bailout package.

“We will acknowledge our responsibilities, and the biggest one we have to the people is for them not to lose hope. The biggest responsibility we have is not to appear as if we are backtracking on what we said before the elections,” Tsipras told supporters.

In the wake of last week’s inconclusive general election, Greece’s President Karolos Papoulias spent Sunday in fruitless negotiations trying to persuade political leaders to compromise. If he fails today he will have to call a new election – a vote which latest opinion polls say Tsipras and his anti-bailout stance will win. If he does, it is likely to spell the end of Greece in the eurozone.

However, according to Germany’s Der Spiegel, some political pundits cannot wait and want Greece to leave now.

In fact, eurozone bankers are reportedly talking about a managed Greek withdrawal, limiting the impact on the euro but which would have serious consequences for Athens.

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