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Spain 'indignados' gear up for first anniversary

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Spain 'indignados' gear up for first anniversary


Spain’s ‘indignados’ and anti-austerity protesters worldwide are gearing up for four days of demonstrations in the run-up to the movement’s first anniversary.

Activists in Madrid and elsewhere have been drumming up support.

Their spontaneous actions 12 months ago inspired the likes of Occupy Wall Street in the US.

The movement sprang to life on May 15 last year in a spontaneous burst of outrage against the impact of recession and austerity in Spain.

Thousands camped out in squares for weeks, responding to calls on social networks.

Some observers believe the movement has suffered from not having a leader and has lost momentum.

The next few days will give an idea of whether the ‘indignados’ are still a force to be reckoned with.

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