WWII Victory Day

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WWII Victory Day

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Following its battle for the presidency, France commemorated victory over Nazi Germany in 1945. For the first time, the outgoing and the new head of state, together, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, attended ceremonies in Paris, politics were suspended for the day, France 3 reported.

War veterans and members of the resistance in WWII are honoured at the Arc du Triomph, the men and women who sacrificed their youth of put their lives in danger in defence of freedom, France 2 television reported.

Russia celebrates its defeat of Nazi Germany on 9 May, with a grand parade. Tribute is paid to those who fought. The remaining soldiers and their families take part, Swiss television reported.

Music from that time is highly evocative for many people. Some were only 17 when they were sent off to fight. Far from Moscow, you will also find defenders of the Soviet Union feting the 9 May in Berlin, Russian television reported.