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Islamists pushed into third place in Algeria poll

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Islamists pushed into third place in Algeria poll


An alliance of Algerian Islamist parties has failed in it bid to take control of the country’s parliament, a year after Arab Spring protests.
The ruling National Liberation Front and a sister party together won a majority 288 seats in Thursday’s election. The Islamist Green Alliance came in a distant third with just 48 seats.
Despite high hopes for a continued push for democratic reform, commentators say the election was characterised by voter apathy, with an  estimated turnout of just 43 percent.
Analysts were keen to see if the Islamist movement which has won majorities in Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco would also win through in Algeria.
The Islamist alliance has denounced what it called “fraud” and has threatened to take “the appropriate measures.“  
Many Algerians blame a weak parliament and a history of rigged elections for their lack of interest in the vote. Despite its oil wealth, high unemployment -especially among young people -was a top voter concern along with an ageing power infrastructure and a lack of housing.

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