Socialists in third bid for Greek government

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Socialists in third bid for Greek government

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Hoping to succeed where his opponents have failed, Socialist Evangelos Venizelos has launched Greece’s third bid to form a coalition government.

His chance comes after leaders of the first two parties in Sunday’s election were unable to forge a ruling alliance amid differences over austerity.

The sticking point is whether Greece’s belt should be tightened further or whether painful cuts now need to stop. The dilemma arose after voters left pro-and anti-bailout parties almost evenly divided – and deadlocked.

“I expect nothing,” said George, a pensioner in Athens. “I think we will have a new election and it is disappointing.”

Marinos, 50, a resident in the capital, said: “We don’t need new elections. Everyone definitely has to agree on a compromise for the good of the Greek people.”

As speculation mounts that Greece could be ejected from the euro zone, another trip to the polls now seems almost certain.