UN observer chief in Syria condemns convoy blast

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UN observer chief in Syria condemns convoy blast

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Several UN observers in Syria have survived an explosion that hit a convoy of vehicles accompanying them.

Eight Syrian soldiers who were escorting their group were injured in the blast, which happened in the southern province of Deraa.

Syria’s opposition blamed the government for the explosion, which blew out the windows of the monitors’ truck. None of them was reported hurt.

“This is exactly the graphic example of the kind of violence that is challenging the life of the Syrian population everyday in many cities around the country,” said Major-General Robert Mood, head of UNSMIS – the UN Supervision Mission in Syria – who was in the convoy.

Some 70 observers have arrived in Syria to monitor the joint UN-Arab League peace plan.

Their number is expected to double during the week and increase to 300 by the end of the month.

More violence has been reported in several parts of the country.

Both sides in the conflict are accused of ignoring the UN-backed ceasefire.