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Greek political logjam continues

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Greek political logjam continues


Although the leader of Greece’s new second largest, and radical left party, Alexis Tsipras, is meeting the leaders of mainstream parties today to try and thrash out a coalition agreement, the chances of success appear almost impossible.

On Sunday the Greeks voted in a parliamentary majority that opposes the EU-IMF bailout and wants an end to the pain of austerity.

Except that it is not a majority. The anti-bailout parties have over 60 percent of the popular vote, but not enough seats, even if they could all agree.

“We worry what will happen with our pensions if they do not find a solution between them. They made all the mistakes and now we will pay for it,” said one woman.

“I had supported the two main parties before, but this time I made a different choice, but what I see now, from their practices now, I think I will go back to my previous choices,” said another Athens resident.

Opinion now seems near-unanimous that a second roll of the electoral dice will be needed to break the deadlock, even if Tsipras has another day to reach a deal. However some members of the public complain that, at 25 million euros a pop, elections are expensive in an age of austerity and this lot should get their finger out and learn to work together.

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