EU reports drop in deadly goods entering the bloc

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EU reports drop in deadly goods entering the bloc

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Brussels says better detection has led to a substantial drop in the amount of deadly products coming into Europe from outside the bloc.

More than half of the dangerous products entering the EU are from China, latest research from the European Commission shows. Cancer-causing toys, faulty electrical goods and suffocating clothes are the most common.

EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy John Dalli told euronews: ‘‘We have been working with China, with our policy of quality at source, to make sure that we train, that we give technical assistance to make sure that they produce good and safe products for our markets, and also our importers are being much more aware to insist on European standards when they are importing from China”

Overall, the Commission says the number of potentially lethal items has dropped by around 20 percent. But, consumer groups fear that figure may simply be because some products are slipping through the net.

‘‘It’s not entirely clear that it’s only due to the better work of the system, it could also be that in times of economic crisis member states are just putting lesser controls, and that it very worrying from a consumer perspective,” said Sylvia Maurer, from the European consumer organisation BEUC.

In spite of the apparent drop in dangerous products entering Europe, critics of the current alert system insist even better checks and clearer design rules are needed to tighten controls further.