Prometheus premature

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Prometheus premature

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Ridley Scott has released a 10 minute clip of his latest film, Prometheus, raising the question of whether or not it is a prequel to Alien. Michael Fassbender stars in the film and commented that he loved Alien when he first saw it at the age of 13. Co-star Charlize Theron said that although the film wasn’t a prequel, Aliens fans would enjoy it.

Meanwhile a different debate has sprung up amongst critics as to whether releasing 10 minute clips of a feature film is a reasonable way of promoting it. Obviously production studios think it helps spread the word, but some critics have refused to attend these screenings, saying they want to see the whole film or nothing. Their point is that it isn’t possible to critique a film by viewing just one clip.

As for the 3D debate, that one is set to run and run: most people are now off the wall and firmly in one camp or another, so it’s now become cinema Marmite.

As for Prometheus… well, who can judge? Do you like Ridley Scott? If you do, here’s another helping…

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