Hollande set for busy schedule in first days as president

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Hollande set for busy schedule in first days as president

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François Hollande is set to start work on forming a new government after his victory in Sunday’s presidential election.

Incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy will hand over power to the 57-year-old in a ceremony on Tuesday next week.

Hollande believes he can convince Germany and France’s European parters to renegotiate an EU treaty on budget discipline.

His supporters say he can fix France’s economic woes.

“I am really proud, says this woman. I am 100 percent Socialist and I think Hollande has the broad shoulders to make France better,” said Safia Benamida, a Paris resident.

Others say the victor lacks the clout to represent France on the global stage.

“Sarkozy had a way of making his point at the G20 and G8 and I don’t think Mr Hollande has the calibre to manage all these issues to make his point at all these important summits,” said one young Sarkozy supporter.

“So maybe the future of Europe and the future of France are being jeopardised because of this election.”

Hollande heads to the US on May 18th for a two-day G8 summit, before attending a NATO conference in Chicago on the 20th.