No outright majority expected in Serbian elections

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No outright majority expected in Serbian elections

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In the Serbian elections starting today the liberal government of Boris Tadic faces its biggest challenge since coming to power in 2000.

The main rival is Tomislav Nikolic and his nationalist Serbian Progressive Party which is slightly ahead in the polls.

All the main parties back a bid for European Union membership but that seems to be where the consensus ends.

Nikolic was once demonised by the West who saw him as the natural successor to former nationalist strongman Slobodan Milosevic who died 6 years ago.

Many people in Serbia are frustrated about the slow transition from socialism to capitalism.

Analysts think no party is likely to win an outright majority and that some sort of grand coalition between Tadic’s liberals and Nikolic’s nationalists will speed up that pace of the reform.

Indications are the Socialist Party will end up third but could hold the balance of power.