Markets await results from France and Greece

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Markets await results from France and Greece

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The results of the elections in France and Greece are being closely watched by the financial world to see what effect, if any, they might have on the crisis in the eurozone.

Gianni Magi of euronews has been speaking to the Wall Street Journal’s Gabriele Parussini in Paris, and he started by asking him just how crucial these elections are for the future of the euro.

Parussince said: “The eyes of the world are turned towards Athens to see if the result will bring political stability or if the Greeks will have to return to the polls in a few months time as is feared and thought in Greece.

“As regards France, the discourse is different. The institutional investors and capital markets will look towards Paris to see what could happen to the euro in the coming years, and above all to see if it will continue to be the single common European currency.”