UK: Cameron's Conservatives are punished in local polls

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UK: Cameron's Conservatives are punished in local polls

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David Cameron’s ruling Conservatives have suffered major losses in local elections as voters lashed out over austerity and Britain’s return to recession.

Partial results showed the Tories had lost nearly 300 council seats. Their Liberal Democrat coalition partners in government have also taken a battering.

The big winner is Ed Miliband’s opposition Labour party. It has gained hundreds of seats and taken control of over 20 councils including Birmingham.

However it may not be all good news for Labour.

Stalwart of the London left, Ken Livingstone, is not expected to retake his seat as Mayor of the capital.

Opinion polls point to larger-than-life Conservative Boris Johnson holding onto the job he won in 2008.
The upper class eccentric and television personality is well liked and is often seen peddling his bicycle around the city.

Results from London are expected this evening.