France: Sarkozy makes final re-election plea

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France: Sarkozy makes final re-election plea

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His chances of clinging to power may be slim according to the pundits but Nicolas Sarkozy is battling to the last to remain French President.

With Sunday’s election looming, the conservative is keen to show that despite trailing in the opinion polls his political obituary can’t be written just yet.

Hence Friday’s last-ditch appeal to voters at his final campaign rally, in western France.

He said they must ask themselves: “What do you want for your country ….for your children? What values do you want in French society for the five years ahead?”

Sarkozy’s re-election hopes look to have suffered a further blow after a key centrist leader said he would be voting for frontrunner Francois Hollande.

The Socialist sailed through a hard-hitting televised debate with Sarkozy this week, boosting his chances of making it to the Elysee Palace.

“I want a big victory,” Hollande said on French radio on Friday morning. “I am not saying that to influence things. Maybe there won’t even be a victory…I am staying humble before Sunday’s vote. But if the French have a choice to make, let them do so clearly and in great numbers.”

No campaigning is allowed on Saturday.

Sarkozy has vowed to quit politics if he loses to Hollande.