Violence reaches Aleppo University

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Violence reaches Aleppo University

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Overnight violence in Aleppo continued today when security officers and students clashed at the city’s university. Opposition activists say four died and at least 28 were wounded. Police made some 200 arrests.

The opposition claims security forces were joined by knife-wielding youths as they went in to break up a peaceful protest march against Syria’s ruling family.

Chants were drowned out by gunfire as amateur video captured the moments when the violence began.

Just hours before, near Aleppo, 22 army soldiers including two colonels were killed in an ambush by deserters gone over to the rebellion.

The opposition took its cameras around the university this morning, showing dormitories and equipment allegedly destroyed by rampaging troops.

Until now Aleppo, the commercial capital and second city, has avoided the worst of the Syrian uprising. The city’s ethnic minorities and merchants fear a sectarian slide into an Iraq-style scenario which no-one wants.