Austerity-weary Greeks prepare for Sunday vote

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Austerity-weary Greeks prepare for Sunday vote

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Greece is in gloomy mood as it prepares to go to the polls on Sunday, with campaigning taking place against a backdrop of public protest.

Politicians are blamed for painful austerity that has slashed wages and pensions, with the big Socialist and Conservative parties bearing the brunt of public anger.

“The two main Greek parties have signed what Greece’s future will be for many years to come and it’s a one-way street for Greeks to put them through even more hardships,” said agriculturist Kostas Georgiou, speaking in Athens. “It is a road towards disaster and not prosperity.”

“Why should I vote? Should I vote for those thieves?” asked pensioner Stratos, also in the Greek capital. “I could vote for a small party but not for the two big ones. No. I used to vote for the Socialist PASOK party. I won’t now.”

With a face to face approach perhaps not the best idea in this climate, internet technology is helping some get their message across to voters.

“We cannot find them outside and talk to them. They don’t want to talk with us. They think all politicians are corrupted,” said conservative New Democracy candidate Panagiotis Haskos. “So the most important thing is to approach younger generations. We are trying to get them involved in this way.”

Greeks will vote to replace the national unity interim government created amid its debt crisis.

Despite losing support, the two main parties are seen as the only viable combination to push through reforms and keep Greece in the eurozone.