UN blames both sides for breaking Syrian truce

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UN blames both sides for breaking Syrian truce

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UN observers in Syria say they are finding it difficult to monitor a truce which appears to be being broken by both sides.

With only 30 personnel on the ground the UN mission is hoping to have 50 more of the 300 planned in situ by the end of the week. But the Syrian government is still refusing visas to anyone from countries supporting the opposition groups.

The monitors trying to shore up the flimsy ceasefire face an uphill struggle.

U.N. peacekeeping chief Herve Ladsous explained: “I think the violations that are observed come from both sides. I would not establish ratio, I think now is perhaps not the time since after all we still have a limited number of observers in a limited number of localities.”

On Tuesday, violence erupted in two Syrian provinces – ten civilians died according to a human rights group, along with 12 soldiers killed in a firefight with rebel gunmen.

The UN admits its mission can not solve Syria’s fundamental problems but it might eventually end the circle of violence between pro-democracy activists and regime troops.