Suicide car bombing in Kabul after Obama visit

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Suicide car bombing in Kabul after Obama visit

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The Taliban staged a suicide car bomb attack in Kabul shortly after President Obama’s departure from his surprise visit.

At least seven people are reported killed as a series of explosions and gunfire rocked a residential compound housing Westerners.

It is on a main road out of the city, where several foreign military bases are also situated.

The NATO-led ISAF force said attackers had targeted security personnel but that Afghan civilians had been killed.

“I was showing my identification card at the gate when I heard a bang,” said Jamrod Khan, an injured employee at the camp. “Then I was thrown against the wall as a result of the blast.”

According to ISAF, all the attackers are now dead.

The Taliban said their assault was in response to Barack Obama’s visit and the strategic pact he signed with President Karzai.