Myanmar: Suu Kyi makes parliamentary debut

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Myanmar: Suu Kyi makes parliamentary debut

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Pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has taken her place in Myanmar’s parliament, ushering in a new political era after years of military dictatorship.

The Nobel Peace laureate and other newly-elected members of her party pledged to safeguard the constitution.

They had initally refused to swear the oath because of the wording. The constitution gives serving military men a quarter of the seats in parliament.

Suu Kyi outlined her vision of how the chamber should be.

“We would like our parliament to be in line with genuine democratic values,” she told reporters. “It is not because we want to remove anybody as such.”

Despite her party’s resounding win in April’s by-elections in the former Burma, the ruling army-backed party still dominates the chamber. Nonetheless, after years in detention, Suu Kyi’s presence in parliament is historic.