Greenpeace flies into French nuclear plant

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Greenpeace flies into French nuclear plant

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A Greenpeace protester paraglided into a French nuclear plant site to highlight what the environmentalists called “gaps in reactor security”.

It happened on Wednesday morning at the Bugey site near Lyon in the south-east of the country.

France is largely dependent on nuclear energy but Greenpeace said the country’s plants are vulnerable to terrorist attack from the air or a plane crash.

Group spokeswoman Sophia Majnoni complained the issue is not being taken seriously enough by politicians: “Tonight there is a debate between the two main candidates in the presidential election. The subjects of nuclear power, and energy in general, have not been properly addressed, with both candidates denying that there are any risks involved.”

After landing the paragliding protester was apprehended by the police in charge of protecting the site.

The company running the plant, EDF said the intruder did not get into the reactor building: “Eight minutes after spotting this person, he was arrested and at no time did the incident affect any of the important facilities or the safety of the reactors.”

Last December Greenpeace carried out a similar protest when activists managed to get into another nuclear plant near Paris and climb on to a dome housing a reactor.