Chinese dissident Chen leaves US embassy amid deal

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Chinese dissident Chen leaves US embassy amid deal

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He has now left the American embassy in Beijing, but Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng will remain in his homeland after winning concessions from Communist Party authorities.

The US ambassador took the blind activist to hospital for a medical check where he was reunited with his wife and two children.

Human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong had hoped Chen would go into exile in the United States, but pointed out he has often expressed his wish to stay in China. Chen, he said, believes that he is free and there is no legal impediment to make him lose that freedom.

A symbol of resistance to his supporters, Chen sought shelter in the embassy a week ago after fleeing house arrest.

Washington said he has reached an understanding with Chinese authorities about his future and will now be able to study in a safe environment.

The bargaining took place as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in China for top level talks. Chen reportedly told her on the telephone: “I want to kiss you.”

China has criticised the US for meddling in its affairs.