Suicide bombings as Syria prepares for criticised elections

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Suicide bombings as Syria prepares for criticised elections

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The ceasefire in Syria continues to have little effect, with two suicide bombings in Idlib the latest in the ongoing violence between opposition and government forces.

The two closely-timed explosions happened near security service buildings killing at least nine people.

“I was sleeping in the house with my wife and children. All of a sudden, we heard a huge explosion. The whole building shook. My wife and children are injured. My house has been reduced to rubble. Is this the freedom they are seeking?” asked one injured resident.

Opposition forces are putting the death toll at 20 – higher than the nine being reported by Syrian state television, who claimed security personnel had been killed and blamed the attacks on activists.

“I’m scared. They destroyed our house,” said one young girl.

“God is witnessing this cruelty,” added a distraught woman standing next to her.

As the violence shows no sign of dying down in some places, despite the presence of UN monitors and more on the way, candidates are preparing for parliamentary elections next week. These are meant to be a step towards reform, however, critics are sceptical.