Sarkozy hosts May Day rally in Paris

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Sarkozy hosts May Day rally in Paris

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With just days to go before the second and decisive round of the French presidential election, incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy has been hosting a May Day rally in Paris.

He needs all of the support he can muster, if he is to hold onto the top job. Sarkozy is trailing socialist rival Francois Hollande by at least three points, according to the latest polls.

“We want big projects for the large country that is France. We don’t want jealousy, we don’t want egalitarianism, we don’t want bitterness, we don’t want hatred, we don’t want class war. We don’t want socialism,” Sarkozy said, as he addressed the crowds.

“There is just one programme that is in line with the global situation, it is that of Nicolas Sarkozy,” one supporter commented.

“Francois Hollande is a good man, he’s clever, intelligent, has a sense of humour. He has got a lot of qualities, but his programme is not compatible with the current situation,” he continued.

Another voter added: “I don’t believe the polls and I honestly think we will have a surprise at the last minute.”

The rally comes a day before Sarkozy goes head to head with Hollande on television.

“On the eve of the television debate, organisers of this rally believe it will help reverse the trend set out by the polls,” said euronews correspondent Giovanni Magi, who is in Paris.