New York's newest skyscraper becomes its tallest building

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New York's newest skyscraper becomes its tallest building

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It is official – New York’s ‘One World Trade Center’ which is being built at the site of the fallen twin towers is now the city’s tallest building.

When construction workers positioned a beam on what is currently the Center’s highest floor, it knocked the Empire State building into second place in the height stakes.

Scott Rechler of the Port Authority put the achievement into context: “One World Trade Center is much more than an iconic symbol for New York, New Jersey and our region. It is a symbol of liberty and pride for our entire country.”

Eventually the One World Trade Center will stand at 541 metres to the tip of its antenna when it is completed next year. It will make it the world’s third tallest building.

The skyscraper which over looks the Ground Zero memorial site will be higher than the former twin towers which were toppled in the 2001 terrorist attacks when nearly 3,000 people were killed.