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Masterpieces in Moscow for museum centenary

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Masterpieces in Moscow for museum centenary

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Moscow’s state-run Puskhin Museum is celebrating its centenary with an eclectic new exhibition that features 46 masterpieces from some of the most prestigious private and public collections in the world. The Tate, Prado and the Louvre have donated paintings to the Pushkin Museum for the show.

The museum director is Irina Antonova:
“We thought that it would be good to invite the works to our museum. For instance, we have a good Dutch section but we don’t have Frans Hals, neither do we have Vermeer. It would be so good to have those paintings. We have an excellent collection of the 20th century art but we do not have a Jackson Pollock, a representative of American Expressionism of the 1950s-1960s. We don’t have Klimt, a magnificent Austrian artist. Moscow has never seen him, his paintings have never been to Russia.”

This fine exhibition of European art runs until July 29.

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