Far-right voters still key to French presidential poll

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Far-right voters still key to French presidential poll

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With just a week to go before France chooses its next president and the race for the Elysee Palace is still appearing to be a frantic bid to court far-right voters.

But as incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy tried to woo the one-in-five people who backed the National front in the first round he was also having to deny Gaddafi funding allegations.

His camp has dismissed as fake a document produced by an investigative website which claims to prove the deposed Libyan leader sought to fund his 2007 campaign.

During a televised interview Sarkozy said it was a disgrace just thinking that there are journalists who give credit to Gaddafi’s son, and to Gaddafi’s secret service. He called the discovery of the document ‘a set up’ and the website of being in the service of the Left.

Meanwhile presidential frontrunner, Francois Hollande is also hoping to attract far-right voters but has refused to change his policies to accommodate them.

“I understand the suffering of many. I want to answer their call. Yes I want to reconquer the men and women who are angry and who sometimes give way, yes, a hundred times yes. But promises to compromise, a thousand times no,” Hollande told a rally in Paris.

Latest opinion polls put Hollande ahead by ten points over his conservative rival.

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