High-speed Burgundy bullets glide into service

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High-speed Burgundy bullets glide into service

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Italy’s brand new high speed train ‘Italo’ has glided into service described as a “Ferrari on tracks.”

It is Italy’s first privately owned high-speed train set up by Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo.

The trains will run between Naples, Rome, Florence, Bologna and Milan.

The passengers appear happy with the burgundy bullets:

“ I wish them very good luck with this new venture. I hope the competition is real and not fake like many others. I applaud this idea, because with our economy in the state its in they have created jobs, it is good news.”

“If they increase the prices they will loose passengers as their is an alternative, TrenItalia. So they will have to keep their prices competitive.”

Tickets are sold using the model created by low-cost airlines with free Wi-Fi for every passenger.