Rising food prices could threaten millions

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Rising food prices could threaten millions

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High oil prices and adverse weather conditions have caused a major hike in the cost of what we eat.

Latest figures show that in the last three months world food prices have risen by 8 per cent threatening the food security of millions of people.

According to experts its essential food remains a priority for the international community.

“Prices have been increasing for three consecutive months since January 2012. Right now they are 8 per cent higher than where they were in December 2011 and only 6 per cent below the historic peak of February 2011,” said Jose Cuesta who is a senior economist at ‘The World Bank Group’.

The impact of food shortages is obvious. The United Nations has already warned of a looming famine across Sub-Saharan Africa.

As many as one million children in the region will soon require life saving treatment from acute malnutrition.