Barca coach Guardiola quits

FC Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola is leaving the Catalan club after deciding not to extend his contract. President Sandro Rosell made the


EU targets 'sofa farmers'

Deciding who is and who is not a farmer. The answer would seem simple, but EU agriculture ministers are focused on that very issue, as they seek to


Spain's lost generation

Currently, the best Spain’s 10.5 million 18-35 year olds can hope for is to find a job, even if it is temporary and underpaid. Some still live at


Global watchdog at risk

Europe has adopted an extensive monitoring program to keep tabs on the environment whilst keeping us safe; it is called GMES, or Global Monitoring


Banks count cost of crisis

Quarterly reports from some of Europe’s top banks are showing how the eurozone crisis is biting. First quarter net profit at Spain’s Santander


The roaming recycler

A mobile recycling facility being tested in eastern and southern Europe is aiming to get the most from electronic waste. Bernd Kopacek, managing

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North Korea marks Army Day

Young North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and high-ranking officials celebrate 80th anniversary of North Korean army on Wednesday 25 April. They also