Situation in Syria is 'unacceptable' - Annan

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Situation in Syria is 'unacceptable' - Annan

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Video evidence that Syrian forces have failed to withdraw heavy weapons and tanks from urban centres has been posted on the internet.

Few doubt the lack of Syrian compliance with Kofi Annan’s peace plan but the hope was the presence of UN observers might at least reduce the violence. But even the special envoy is apparently running out of patience.

Susan Rice who is the US ambassador at the UN told journalists what Annan had reported to the UN Security Council: “Mr Annan states that the situation in Syria, and I quote ‘continues to be unacceptable’, unquote. Mr Annan expresses his concerns at reports that attacks have resumed in locations directly following the departure of members of the observers team.”

Although few in number, the UN monitors will be enlarged to 300 in the coming days. But reports that the Syrian government is refusing observers if they come from any country in the “Friends of Syria” group, further question the regime’s commitment to the truce.