Chávez plays bowls in Cuba video to show he's fit

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Chávez plays bowls in Cuba video to show he's fit

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A video of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez playing in a Cuban garden has been shown in an effort to quell speculation over his health.

The president brandishes this week’s papers in the film in case anyone were to doubt the film’s authenticity.

His silence since leaving for Cuba for more cancer treatment earlier this month had fuelled rumours that he was dying.

“We are not going to enter into any provocation. I say to the Venezuelan people let foolish words fall on deaf ears. We are going to follow the treatment and face the difficulties,” Chávez told reporters.

Other family and government members joined the president in Havana for the 13-minute video, in which he was seen playing the European bowling game of bocce.

Opponents have accused him of running the country remotely via Twitter. Chávez says he will return to Venezuela this week to sign a new labour law.

“Hasta la victoria siempre. Viviremos y venceremos,” he said, quoting the legendary revolutionary slogan as he punched the air.