Budapest and Brussels truce 'very close' Orban says

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Budapest and Brussels truce 'very close' Orban says

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Hungary appears to have moved a step closer to ending its long-running dispute with the EU.

In Brussels, to meet European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban insisted the bust up was nearly over.

While EU officials remain cautious, saying more talks are needed, the apparent breakthrough follows last December’s move by the bloc to halt negotiations on an IMF loan to Hungary after the government in Budapest overhauled the constitution.

Brussels believed those changes undermined, among other things, the independence of the country’s central bank.

The Commission now seems to have decided not to refer the legal dispute to the European Court of Justice.

Orban claimed the latest political development would pave the way for a restart of financial aid talks with the IMF. Hungary’s currency the forint rose more than one percent after his comments.