Protesters are kept away from Bahrain Grand prix

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Protesters are kept away from Bahrain Grand prix

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Police in Bahrain remained on high alert after the staging of the Formula One Grand Prix on Sunday but any unrest was kept well away from the circuit.

In Shi’ite villages around the capital some pro-democracy activists continued their protests – their three days of rage timed to coincide with the motor race.

But there were no mass demonstrations although several arrests were made including a news crew working for a British television channel.

Meanwhile the body of the protester who died on Saturday night still has not been handed over to his family.

Opposition Human Rights spokesman, hadi al Mousawi said: “The authorities didn’t want to hand it over today, because there would have been two events, Fomula one and funeral one, they don’t want the attention of the world diverted because the turnout would have been huge.”

Thirty-six year old Salah Abbas Habib was found dead on a rooftop after what opposition activists claim was a police beating.