Woman dead as Dutch launch train crash probe

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Woman dead as Dutch launch train crash probe

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A 68-year woman has died from injuries sustained in a train crash on Saturday as Dutch investigators continue their efforts to establish the cause of a head-on collision between two packed passenger trains in Amsterdam.

The crash left scores of people injured, many of them seriously.

The accident happened on a busy stretch of track close to Amsterdam’s Central Station.

Technicians have been at worklooking for clues as to how such an accident could happen.

The probe will focus on weather human error or mechanical fault caused the crash.

One witness described what happened: “We were sitting at this table watching the trains. And one was coming from one direction and the other from the other from the opposite direction. I am still a bit shaken, they just crashed into each other.”

Most of those hurt were returning from a days shopping in Amsterdam city centre and sustained their injuries when they were thrown about the carriages as the two trains collided.