French election: Melenchon backs Hollande

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French election: Melenchon backs Hollande

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Despite running a successful campaign, far left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon only managed to poll 11% of the vote, finishing fourth.

The man backed by the Communist Party called on his supporters to put an end to the Sarkozy era and support Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande.

“Our people appear really determined to turn the page after the Sarkozy years. The total number of votes on the right as a whole is down compared to in 2007. We will be the new political force, the only one to have broken through and be born in this election. We hold the key to the result, I call on you consciously to assume this responsibility.
And I repeat very clearly, right now, there is nothing to negotiate. I call on you to meet again on 6th May, without demanding anything in exchange, on 6th May to beat Sarkozy. I ask you to mobilise yourselves as if it was a case of making me president.”