New Ground Zero tower set to be Big Apple's tallest

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New Ground Zero tower set to be Big Apple's tallest

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As the Twin Towers were before the 9/11 attacks, the new rebuilt World Trade Center in New York is also set to become the city’s tallest building.

In the coming days, as construction continues, it will overtake in height the Empire State Building.

But it will be barely half as tall as the world’s tallest.

The city may have been the birthplace of the skyscraper, but it seems New Yorkers no longer believe buildings have to be big in the Big Apple.

“It’s our skyscrapers that we project to China and the Middle East and Europe when we talk about our modernity or our success as a place for business. On that global stage, New York is the skyscraper city. As a home base, global and local, New Yorkers appreciate the small scale,” said Carol Willis of the city’s Skyscraper Museum.

When finished, the reconstructed World Trade Center will measure the same number of feet as the date of America’s independence: 1776.

Commonly known as “The Freedom Tower” in New York, it’s scheduled to open for business next spring.