Three fired in US Secret Service prostitution probe

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Three fired in US Secret Service prostitution probe

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Three American Secret Service officers are to leave their jobs as an investigation continues into a prostitution scandal.

The three were among 11 agents and 10 US military personnel who allegedly took as many as 21 women back to their Colombian hotel.

They were in the country preparing for US President Barack Obama to attend the Summit of the Americas.

Eleven men have been placed on administrative leave and have had their security clearances suspended.

John Boehner, the US House of Representatives Speaker, told reporters: “I do think that what has gone on is very embarrassing, and I think it’s clear there are investigations going on, both at the Pentagon and at the Secret Service. And I hope they get to the bottom of it quickly.”

The New York Times reported that the scandal only came to light when one escort asked for $800 (€611) to sleep with the agent. The man later reneged on the deal, offering just $30.

Several American politicians say the scandal has highlighted a serious lapse of security around an international visit by the US president.